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Manangath Enterprises

About our Products

Tyre retreading is recycling the tread which adds to the performance of the tyre with very nominal cost when compared with the new tyre.

We do cold retreading for all kinds of Nylon and Radial Tyres starting from the rim size of 15 to 22.5 inches. Our products is the outcome of the best in class available raw material in the country, Which are processed in fully automatic retreading machines by our workmen who are well trained and backed with huge experience in the field of tyre retreading.

We follow scientific processes and use the most modern machines & techniques for retreading the tyre. Our trained workmen do the proper selection of tyres which are again inspected at all the workstations to ensure that the final product is far from any defect and should perform its best at what ever application the tread is designed for. Utmost care is taken while doing the process so that the Tyre casing strength is intact which can be used again and again to reduce the Cost per Kilometre (CPK) and earn better profitability.

We do the retreading for the listed tyre size.

Sl Tyre Size Category
1 7.00-15 LCV
2 7.00-16 LCV
3 7.50-16 LCV
4 8.25-16 LCV
5 9.00-16 LCV
6 7.50-20 HCV
7 8.25-20 HCV
8 9.00-20 HCV
9 10.00-20 HCV
10 11.00-20 HCV
11 12.00-20 HCV
12 11R22.5 HCV
13 275/ 75R22.5 HCV
14 295/ 80R22.5 HCV

We conduct training programs and provide tips to enhance tyre life and also to improve fuel efficiency to our Key customers on free of cost basis*.

Our R&D experts provide options to choose the best tread pattern need for their application and ensure the cost per kms the least.

*Once in two month on request. Joint training program conducted with association well known OEMs.

Warranty and settlement policy:

Every product which comes out of our plant has undergone some stringent tests which ensure that our products are far from any defects. All precautions are taken to ensure that our products will perform its best for whatsoever application it is made for.

If at all any tyre is send for claim then it should carry the Invoice details which will be checked and inspected by our authorized personal. If in case the tube and flap are required to prove the defect then it will be mandatory to produce the same, failing which the claim will be rejected.

The warranty is valid only as per the terms mentioned on the invoice.

The warranty does not cover consequential damages caused by service hazards, vehicle defects, etc. The liability under this warranty is limited to make good the defects arising solely from the use of faulty material or workmanship on a pro-rata basis. Tread shoulder separation (TSS) or subsequent burst and/or ply separation is not covered under warranty.

No compensation will be given if the tyre fails during the process of retreading.

The warranty will be valid only as per the terms mentioned on the invoice.

The decision of our authorized personal will be final.